Thursday 11, January 2018 by Jessica Combes

Dubai International Blockchain Summit opened to capacity crowd


Dubai International Blockchain Summit (DIBS), which hosted expert speakers from across the globe, featured a series of presentations and discussion panels that helped delegates understand this emerging industry.

Robert Menendez, CFO & Co-Founder of Vezt, said that the event was perhaps one of the better events in the area of blockchain and that it was exciting to see the international blockchain community brought together.

The summit covered the length and breadth of the subject, with topics such as ‘Blockchain – A catalyst for economic and social success’, ‘Crypto-Liquidity in 2018’ and ‘Myths about the Blockchain Revolution’ – the daylong event had the attention of all attendees throughout.

“If we transport back to the same time last year, today would have been a fintech event with perhaps some topics pertaining to blockchain, and maybe a passing reference to cryptocurrency. But this is definitely not last year and the influx of talent, quality of content and interest from the audience that I witnessed today was nothing short of remarkable. However, my advice to all would be to act on informed, educated and diligent investment decisions as opposed to acting the Fear of Missing Out,” said Simon Cocking, ICO Bench Leading Influencer.

DIBS marked itself as the region’s largest stand-alone blockchain summit during its debut season and saw experts from around the world gather including Robert Menendez, Zac Cheah, Stefano Alberico and many more. A total of 50 Fintech pioneers discussed as many topics including banking, finance, health, technology and more, exploring and providing insight on the implications of Blockchain in the near future.

The summit hosted over 2000 delegates and had an exhibition space with over 50 fintech companies participating, ending with the announcement of Dubai International Blockchain Summit’s 2019 edition.


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