Associate, Portfolio Management and Monitoring

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Standard Chartered Bank
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Employment Type:
Full time
Corporate Banking
Sub Sector:
Leveraged Finance
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Job Description

Credit Analysis

  • Proactive, comprehensive and timely credit analysis through BCA renewals, quarterly performance reporting, waiver and amendment requests and documentation of credit events;
  • Evaluation and understanding of risks associated with leveraged & project finance assets, structural, contractual and external risks;
  • Financial analysis of a complex customer base using credit skills; ratio analysis; balance sheet and cashflow analysis;
  • Evaluation of security, including parental support;
  • Evaluation of project company management and strategy;
  • Early detection of adverse credit issues and early alert reporting to credit as required;
  • Completing financial spreads, analysing long term financial models and completing credit grade assessments; and
  • Compliance with Bank policy and procedures.
Portfolio Management

  • Monitoring, review and reporting (where required) of covenanted items;
  • Quarterly portfolio reporting;
  • Timely response to portfolio related queries to other areas in the Bank;
  • Accurate and timely responses to ad hoc reporting requests;
  • Ensure that credit files are complete and maintained to an auditable standard.
  • Timeliness and quality of credit analysis;
  • Early identification of adverse credit issues and reporting to credit as required;
  • Protection of the credit risk profile of the portfolio when making recommendations to credit; and
  • Timeliness and accuracy in reporting.

Required Skills:

· Credit analysis skills;

· Financial analysis skills;

· Able to analyse excel-based financial models;

· Must be sensitive to short time frames and be able to quickly assess and turnaround applications to credit;

· Excellent oral and written communication skills are required; and

· Ability to demonstrate initiative and can work with little supervision.


· Core Credit Curriculum Certified