Principle Specialist - Special Assignments

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Qatar National Bank (QNB)
Doha, Dawhah, Qatar
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Full time
Accounting & Finance
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Job Description

About QNB
QNB Group, the biggest bank in Qatar, and a leading financial institution in the Middle East and Africa, is looking to hire a Principle Specialist - Special Assignments, to meet the requirements of the expansion of its office in QNB - Qatar//Doha.
QNB Group's presence through its subsidiaries and associate companies now extends to more than 30 countries across 3 continents, providing a comprehensive range of products and services. The total number of staff is more than 28,000 operating from over 1200 locations.

Role Summary:
Job Purpose Summary:
The incumbent should have the required expertise/ skills, knowledge and competence to focus/ monitor wide range of risks in different businesses. The responsibility includes Follow-up status of all outstanding issues, preparation and distribution of the status reports to the Risk committee and GACC, review of Policies as and when requested and conduct investigations as and when requested.
Further, the incumbent will be responsible for ensuring timely completion/ execution of the approved annual audit plan pertaining to his area and conduct of individual audit assignments in line with applicable best practices, including but not limited to the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (SPPIA).
The above role will also extend to the secondary responsibilities assigned to the incumbent in terms of specific audit activities/ functions/ departments and special projects, as assigned by his superiors, in addition to the his primary responsibility.
The above covers Domestic, International and Islamic businesses.

Role Description:

Essential Duties & Responsibilities by Dimensions:

Shareholder & Financial:

  • Ensure effectiveness of adopted policies/ procedures and related controls in all areas pertaining to the incumbent's area of responsibility
  • Add value to the functions/ activities performed by the Audit Follow up & Special Assignments Section by identifying instances/ risks that entail probable financial loss or regulatory non-compliance that could result in monetary penalties/ reputation damage through the audit and risk review processes.
  • Identify potential cost saving opportunities by highlighting process inefficiencies through the above-mentioned processes.

Customer (Internal & External):

Ensure adequate coverage of the work performed for audit follow up, reporting to Chief Internal Auditor - IT and IS Audit, Follow-Up & Special Assignments, including:
  • Follow-up status of all outstanding and pending issues related to GIAD and external reports issued, on a regular basis.
  • Follow-up status of outstanding and pending issues related to external auditors and central banks, covering Domestic and International branches.
  • Maintain evidence supporting closure of issues. Depth of evidence according to risk rating and guidance from Chief Internal Auditor - IT and IS Audit, Follow-Up & Special Assignments and GCAE.
  • Evidence and follow-up status of audit issues to be maintained on audit management software per instructions of Chief Internal Auditor - IT and IS Audit, Follow-Up & Special Assignments.
  • Produce reports on status of issues as per instructions of Chief Internal Auditor - IT and IS Audit, Follow-Up & Special Assignments, or GCAE when required.
  • Train and guide direct staff reports in follow-up duties.
  • When required attend periodical meetings with auditees, GCEO and head of Divisions to discuss pending audit issues.
  • Submit quarterly report of follow-up to Chief Internal Auditor - IT and IS Audit, Follow-Up & Special Assignments, and to GCAE for placing before the Group Audit and Compliance Committee.
  • Seek guidance for closure of all High risk issues and other issues needing attention from each affected Chief Internal Auditor and, where necessary, escalate to Chief Internal Auditor - IT and IS Audit, Follow-Up & Special Assignments and GCAE to resolve pending issues.
Policies & Procedures

  • Be a single point of contact at the direction of GCAE for policies, procedures, referrals within / from QNB Group.
  • Where required, review policies, procedures, governance documents, new ventures, processes, circulars before issue, risk frameworks, BRS [Business Requirements Specifications] documents, legal contracts, project documents etc base on applicable standards, diligence requirements, directives of regulators and recommendation by professional bodies etc, and conforming to internal audit charter, QNB standards and practices.

Investigation function:

  • Conduct investigation and other special assignment at the direction of GCAE and provide reports.
  • Provide professional evaluation of the event and recommendations for issuance of the same to GCAE.
  • Keep track of incidents of frauds, forged drafts / currency presented at QNB counters, compliance or risk events and report to GCAE periodically.
  • As and when needed, to participate in other Audit assignments as requested by GCAE.
  • Where necessary, liaise with relevant business heads and other stakeholders to consider business strategy / priorities, nature of risk to determine audit priorities and coverage; audit cycle and frequency.
  • Provide timely feedback/ information to the Chief Internal Auditor - Group IT Audit & Follow up and in his absence, to the GCAE on queries/ reports/ other correspondence received by the GCAE from the external auditors, Qatar Central Bank (QCB) and other external regulators to enable the latter to respond to the same in a timely and efficient manner, that pertain to the incumbent's area of responsibility.
  • Ensure a detailed report is prepared and distributed to all relevant parties, after each Investigation, to further enhance controls and ensuring that such instances do not happen again and weaknesses identified during the investigations are controlled.
Internal (Processes, Products, Regulatory):
  • Prepare an annual audit/ risk review and other audit tasks plan for submission to the Chief Internal Auditor - IT and IS Audit, Follow-Up & Special Assignments for his review, based on the risk assessment conducted for the incumbent's area of responsibility.
  • Implement and execute the plan approved by the GACC and ensure completion of the same within the assigned period. Also responsible for submitting status reports on the various assignments in progress to the Chief Internal Auditor -Group IT Audit & Follow up explaining the reasons for the delay in completion of individual assignments, if applicable.
  • Perform review of all internal audit and special assignment/ investigation reports and communicate with the respective local audit functions to resolve any queries arising from such a review and subsequent submission of the same to the Chief Internal Auditor - IT and IS Audit, Follow-Up & Special Assignments for his review/ perusal.
  • Ensure that the audit planning, fieldwork and reporting stages are conducted in consonance with the procedures/ guidelines contained in the internal audit manual, including but not limited to communications to relevant auditee management on audit commencement, presentation of draft reports to auditee management and obtaining their responses and holding of closing meetings.
  • Responsible for the utilization of the appropriate audit software procured by Group Internal Audit by all personnel reporting to the incumbent.
  • Monitor on overall basis the post-audit follow-up of audit reports and ensure compliance with recommendations.
  • Conduct performance appraisals of personnel reporting to the incumbent and submit his own performance appraisal to the Chief Internal Auditor - IT and IS Audit, Follow-Up & Special Assignments on timely basis in accordance with the laid down policy in this regard. Address the concerns of subordinates/ resolve their issues on timely basis.
  • Responsible for imparting training/ guidance to trainees who join the Group Internal Audit.

Learning & Knowledge:

  • Identify related areas for professional development of self and subordinates based on discussions with the audit/ assignment in-charge and ensure these are reflected in the Division's training plans.
  • Ensure provision of relevant guidance, direction and training to subordinates to develop and enhance their skills and enable them to shoulder greater responsibilities in future.

Education/Experience Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree in finance, economics, accounting, banking or other related subjects.
  • Professional qualifications such as CIA / CMA / CPA / CA/ ACCA.
  • Minimum of 10 years' experience in a major bank or leading audit firm out of which 6 years in a senior managerial role, in a major bank.
Required Special Skills:
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Arabic (preferred).
  • Adequate legal and documentation background.
  • Proficiency in risk concepts, banking operations/ systems and pertinent regulatory requirements related to his sphere of responsibility.
  • Well-developed analytical and interpersonal skills.
  • Self-motivated, eye for detail.
  • Ability to persuade others.
  • Flexible team player and able to work and deliver under pressure.
  • Knowledge of applicable International Accounting Standards and related pronouncements.
Operating Environment/ Location:
  • Located in Qatar with visits to related departments/ areas.
Framework and Boundaries:
  • Group's overall strategic plan.
  • Budgetary/ scorecard targets.
  • Internal Audit Charter/ manual.
  • Directives of the Group Audit and Compliance Committee and GCAE.
  • Institute of Internal Auditors' (IIA) Code of Ethics and other professional standards including but not limited to the SPPIA guidelines.
  • Applicable regulations and best practices.
  • Instructions of the Chief Internal Auditor - IT and IS Audit, Follow-Up & Special Assignments.
  • Delegation and re-delegation of authorities as per the delegation of authority structure.
Communications and Working Relationships:
  • Frequent interaction with the Chief Internal Auditor - IT and IS Audit, Follow-Up & Special Assignments .
  • Relevant auditee management.
  • Applicable regulatory authorities and external auditors
Supervisory Responsibilities:
  • Oversees the activities of the audit/ assignment team members.
  • Solid line reporting: Head of Follow-up, Validation & Reporting & Head of Special Assignments, Policy Reviews and Integration.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV